Cafe3 Trio

Café 3 has its Café 3 Trio band that plays live music every Friday night. They started to play at the bar twenty years ago. At first, all music was instrumental and basically a jazz repertory, it was later when rock, blues ... were added with the voice. The first Café 3 Trio was composed by a French bass player, the recently deceased Manolo Marí (ex-drummer of the famous band Z-66) and Andreu Galmés (the only one that still lingers in the band). The battery player Salvador Font (Joan Manel Serrat ex-musician) and José Ramón Abella on bass joined the band later. One of the most lasting formations was composed by Fernando Calvo on bass and Salvador Font on drums (with them, Café 3 Trío recorded the first album on 1996). Shortly afterwards, Jaume Ginard replaced Salvador Font and Toni Terrades was added over a season as a pianist and singer. Different formations have been playing over the years. After a brief season with Toni Vallespir, Miguel Navarrete remains on drums and the band had different bassists like Victor Capblanguet, Miquel Ferrà, Perez, Toni Cuenta, Tanny Mas and the current one, Steve Bergendy. There are many musicians who have played in Café 3 in these years: Miquel Angel Perikàs, Max Sunyer, Horacio Fumero, David Xirgu, Toño Márquez, Pablo Disalvo, Lenny Zakatek, Leon Zakatek, Gina Calpin, Jamé, José Luís García, Manolo Cuesta, Miguel Figuerola, Biel Ferrer, Felipe Cardiel, Juanjo Tur, Niki D, Laura, etc ... The second album of Café 3 Trío was recorded in March 2003 with Miguel Navarrete, Tanny Mas, Gina Calpin and Manolo Cuesta. In 2012 a DVD was recorded with the current lineup of the band and various guest artists.